ISO 19593-1  – the benefits for the packaging and label community

Christian Blaise – Four Pees

With the new Standard – ISO 19593-1 the future looks bright.  This is a major step along the way and will create new opportunities for everyone.  Having every possible piece of required information and metadata together inside one PDF file will be of huge benefit to the packaging and label community.

Having one dynamic PDF will mean maximum efficiency, guaranteed reliability and easy archiving for repeat jobs.  It will also maximise production levels and improve quality.  Interestingly there will be a significant redeployment of staff skills as the need for manual labour declines.

The main challenge to date has been a lack of cohesion.  It has been the time consuming, day to day attention to detail with its risk of manual error that has led to increased cost and waste.

GWG and its members continue to observe each and every part of every process to develop the GWG processing steps for packaging and label production.  These are significant specifications tailored for these sectors.

The packaging and label community’s requirement for speed to market is the driver behind the latest tools for automation.  It is the main KPI for every brand owner.  To beat their competition it all has to be faster and cheaper.   Less waste is another big objective.   All suppliers today are looking at automating workflows.

Pushing the GWG specifications to ISO standard is a significant step as ISO standards are respected, stable and not questionable.  There is a huge benefit for producers, brand owners and suppliers in having the ISO standard and by not having to reinvent the wheel for every individual ‘other use’ case.   This is a major step forward.

I feel very much a part of something great – the Ghent Workgroup mission.   They approached me because of my background and knowledge in packaging and labels.  16yrs later we find ourselves moving forward to support the packaging and label community.

I feel strongly that it is our duty to offer our expertise – I believe we are giving our collective knowledge to the global packaging community this way.  Being a part of GWG is exciting – we are all working on something fundamental that will change the future.  ISO Standard 19593-1 has the potential to change everything.

About Christian Blaise

Christian joined GWG in 2002 and has also served as Co-Chair of the Packaging Group for the last 14 years.  His global reputation and knowledge is well known and printers, converters, brand owners and suppliers are all in contact looking for advice and solutions.  Having a unique insight into the full spectrum of activity in the packaging and labels community, helps Christian to give advice drawn from years of experience.   He is passionate about supporting all sides to achieve the best result and move the community forward.   Understanding the brand owner’s thinking is key to helping Christian solve the constraints across the board.  His ultimate focus is improving processes.

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