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There are various ways you can participate:

Become an observer

Before applying as a full member, you may want to “try us out” by becoming an observer. As an observer you’ll be allowed to participate in the work of the GWG (including visiting meetings) for two consecutive meetings. The only restriction is that you don’t get a vote when decisions have to be taken. Becoming an observer is subject to permission of the Executive Committee but no fee is involved. Check out our calendar to see where and when the next meetings are.

Become a member of a subcommittee

Subcommittees (working on specific projects) exist for: Specifications, Compliancy, Packaging, Print & Design, Process Control, Variable Data Printing, Marketing and Creative Outreach. The work in the subcommittees is usually very specific and highly technical. If you are interested in participating in the work of one of the subcommittees, you can read what to do here.

Become a member

As a member you can participate in all of the work of the GWG and have a vote in the decisions taken by the group. You can assign a primary representative to attend our meetings (held 3x a year) and to vote in any organizational decisions. You may have two employees attend each general meeting and of course anyone who can add value is always welcome in the subcommittees.

We have 5 types of membership: Vendor members, Association members, Industry members, Education members and Liaison members. For more info, contact us.

Depending on the type of member you want to become, you will have to pay a yearly membership fee. If you would like to become a member, please send a mail to our, who will provide you with all the important information.