Graphic Arts associations provide a critical service to the community by spreading information and helping their members to do ‘the right thing’. The Ghent Workgroup can help you by providing you with additional resources, and by involving your organization in the decision process around new standards and specifications so your members are represented in tomorrow’s standards.

What exactly is the Ghent Workgroup?

The GWG is an international standards organization, active internationally in the Graphic Arts sector. Our aim is to create guidelines, best practices, educational material and standards to help all players in the Graphic Arts market. Our members are both on the vendor and on the user side, which gives us a unique view on what is needed.

What can the GWG do for an industry association?

As a group we develop a wealth of freely available information. All of this material is free for you to use within your association. The GWG only requires that proper attribution is provided.

Perhaps even more importantly, as an association member, your organization can contribute to the international graphic arts market and its future development. You can be directly involved in shaping future guidelines and standards. Hear what some of our association members have to say about this:

David Zwang - PUA

Didier Haazen - VIGC

Goossen Rijnders - CMBO

Peter Korsmit - CMBO

What types of associations can participate?

If you are an association representing end-users in Graphic Arts, you are welcome. It does not matter how big or small you are, or whether you are more on the creative or production side. Our challenge is to improve our graphic arts world, and we would definitely welcome your contribution to that.

Sound interesting?

You don’t have to make a decision now! Just get in contact with us. We can tell you what is involved from a commitment and financial point of view or we can put you in contact with some of our other members so you can have an open conversation.

Also, you can join two meetings as an observer before making a final decision on becoming a member. That allows you to understand how we work and whether it would be interesting for your association to get involved. (But trust us, if you’re in Graphic Arts, it’ll be interesting!)


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