Our members tell you why they are a member of the Ghent Workgroup, it’s future ambition and what the Ghent Workgroup means for the Graphic Industry.

David Zwang - Chair Ghent Workgroup

Frank Vyncke - Co-Chair Packaging Subcommittee

Prof. Raša Urbas - Ljubljana University

Freddy Pieters - member of GWG

Loïc Aigon - Co-Chair Specifications Subcommittee

David Zwang - PUA - Chair GWG

Elli Cloots - EFI

Christian Blaise - Four Pees

David Van Driessche - callas software - Exec. Director GWG

Peter Claes - Pragmeta/Four Pees

Didier Haazen - VIGC

Peter Korsmit - CMBO

Laurens Leurs - Agfa Graphics

Goossen Rijnders - CMBO

Ferran Peñalver