The GWG iconography project was announced in early March 2020. The purpose and goal of the project was to create a series of new, updated icons (pictograms) that would provide a better user experience and facilitate communication with a fresh approach to content, design and artistic coherence, and to give a new and updated look to the visual identity of the GWG website.


As part of the Ghent Workgroup Creative Outreach Subcommittee work, a ‘GWG Infographics’ project was announced in February 2021. The aim of the project was to transform the selected content of the GWG video tutorials into interesting, appealing and clear infographics. The purpose of infographics is to serve as a simple, helpful and clear representation of sometimes somewhat difficult to understand technical topics.

Video tutorials

The aim of the project was to redesign and simplify the selected contents of the GWG video tutorials, since sometimes technical and strictly professional content can be difficult to understand. This project was carried out at the same time as the project of »GWG Infographics«, with the purpose to compare, rethink and evaluate how the same content can be represented in different ways.