In response to frequent requests for embedding a “preflight audit trail” that can be cross vendor, this specification describes a suggested approach.

A preflight audit trail is information about a preflight check that has been carried out for the PDF at hand, and contains information about the preflight profile used as well as what the outcome of the preflight check was. In addition, the user can verify that the file has not been altered since the preflight was executed through the use of a digital signature.

Universal Proof of Preflight Specification V1.0

Universal Proof of Preflight Specification V1.0


The GWG does not normally do research into conflicting IP while creating their specifications and best practice recommendations. However, in this case one of our members alerted us to a ‘potential conflict’. They have informed us of their current position regarding this in this document

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The application number is: 10/041525


Since the release, Enfocus has notified the GWG and the industry as a whole of their determination to open up their Certified PDF specifications to all. The details of this notice can be found on the Enfocus website.