The Variable Data Printing (VDP) subcommittee works on issues related to generating reliable variable data printing documents.
Variable data printing is a technology that makes it possible to personalize all or part of a printed document according to the person whom it is intended. For many marketing departments, variable data printing is the first step towards cross-media and multi-channel communication.
The most common use of variable data printing is to personalize first and last names on a printed document sent in a prospecting process by mail.
Tombola tickets, show tickets, personalized invitation cards, personalized catalogs, business cards, advertising brochures, flyers, magazines, leaflets, book covers, labels, packaging, envelopes are all supports conducive to the use of variable data.


Variable data printing involves the combination of a series of fixed elements common to different copies of a document with a series of variable elements that change from one copy to another according to rules that determine the selection of content and its location in the documents.


Co-chairs of the VDP subcommittee are:
Yves Bougardier – founder and CEO ybam
Frank Vyncke – CLOUDFLOW Development Manager HYBRID Software