Meet the Packaging Committee Co-chairs Here (We think you will find their qualifications quite impressive).

The three co-chairs of the GWG Packaging Committee are Steve Carter, Packaging expert; Lieven Plettinck, Director of Software Development, Esko; and Frank Vyncke, CLOUDFLOW Development Manager HYBRID Software.



Steve Carter, Packaging expert


30+ years leveraging technology to elevate packaging graphic production, from design through final print, and known as a “Mean Dad!”

Mean Dads aren’t really mean, they’re devoted fathers that simply want the best for their children. They aren’t being mean, they are just trying to arm you for success; telling you what you need to know, not necessarily what you want to hear.

Steve has a passion for solving problems using technology. He has years of experience leveraging many different technologies to enhance the graphic design-to-print production process, with a focus on packaging. He has spent the better part of his career in executive and management roles with Phototype, Southern Graphic Systems (SGS), and TSI Graphics, managing strategic initiatives involving technology and workflow tools working directly with printers and CPG companies.

In addition, he has had oversight and provided direction for R&D and IT operations. For decades he has worked closely with a myriad of vendors to the packaging market, helping to drive innovation and automation.

Among his many other work-related activities, he believes strongly in helping drive future technology innovation at the industry level. He currently serves as the co-chair of the Ghent Workgroup Packaging subcommittee, a member of the ISO TC130 WG2 committee, and a member of the EskoWorld Advisory board.

He thrives on cultivating a culture of innovation and technology through thought leadership.


Lieven Plettinck, Director of Software Development at Esko

Lieven has served on the packaging committee since 2008. He’s been Chairman of the Packaging and Labels workgroup within CIP4 since 2004. Prior to that, he held senior positions at BARCO, including 17 years as Manager of Research and Development.





Frank Vyncke, CLOUDFLOW Development Manager HYBRID Software.

Frank studied at the KU Leuven, and after this he immediately started as developer for Barco Graphics (now Esko) in 1989. There he learned the needs of Packaging industry, and grew to the position of Technical Product Manager. After moving to Artwork Systems in 2001, he took the lead in developing a PDF based workflow solution, and PDF Editing tools. Currently at HYBRID Software (since 2011), he is responsible for the workflow engine in Cloudflow, the most versatile and robust workflow system for the Packaging Industry.Over the years, he also contributed to the development of Adobe Illustrator plugins, some plugins to integrate high-end functionality into the software operators use in their day to day work, some plugins to bring packaging features to Adobe Illustrator.His long experience has learned him the specific all the details of the tools, file formats and protocols used in modern pre-press for the packaging 2016 he joined the GWG, being most active in the packaging subcommittee