The Cross Media sub committee was formed to investigate the changes in the cross media publishing world and the challenges and opportunities related to it.

Current Activities

  • Our current focus is on the use of PDF in new media (smart phones, tablets, etc..) to determine how the GWG can standardize and improve the processes for the use of PDF in these media.
  • Additionally, we are working with other international groups to define and implement new cross media standards, processes and formats.`
  • Creation of publications:


White paper “Designed for Tablets Test Suite and Best Practices White Paper”


The purpose of this white paper is to provide an overview of the work done by the GWG Cross Media Subcommitte on the testing of Digital Publishing Solutions using a specially designed Cross Media Test Suite developed by the group. This document describes the Cross Media Test Suite and its application, as well as discusses the results of the testing performed on  Cross Media Solutions. This paper also discusses best practices for publishing authoring documents on a tablet.


Test Results and Best Practices for Quality Control of Tablet Publishing Solutions 0.00 KB 29 downloads

The scope of the Designed for Tablets (DFT) project was to evaluate the current Digital...