As part of the Ghent Workgroup Creative Outreach Subcommittee work, a »GWG Infographics« project was announced in February 2021. The aim of the project was to transform the selected content of the GWG video tutorials into interesting, appealing and clear infographics. The purpose of infographics is to serve as a simple, helpful and clear representation of sometimes somewhat difficult to understand technical topics.

In the summer semester of the academic year 2020/2021, over 50 1st year students of Graphic and Interactive Communications, from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) participated in the international project »GWG Infographics« under the supervision of assoc. prof. dr. Raša Urbasand assist. prof. dr. Urška Vrabič Brodnjak. The students were divided into 14 groups to learn how to think and work together.

Students were given detailed instructions on how to create and design infographics. They were given 8 different topics selected from the GWG video tutorials. Students had to use the GWG style guide, which defines colors, fonts, and other elements of GWG’s corporate identity. They also had to design their work in a digital and print ready form. All infographics were created in Slovenian and English.

The students’ work is published in digital form on the web site of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and the GWG Infographics are on display in an exhibition on the faculty premises.

The students showed a lot of creativity, ingenuity, innovation and willingness to work.

Their work can be compared with the results of another project carried out at the same time with students of Graphic and Media technology. These students designed the video tutorials on the same topics. You can read more about this project on this page.

Simultaneously, 14 students of 3rd year of Graphic engineering, from the Faculty of Technology at the University of Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina) participated in the international project »GWG Infographics« under the supervision of assoc. prof. dr. Živko Pavlović, who is working on this faculty as a guest professor since 2012.

Home institution of the professor Pavlović is Faculty of technical sciences, dept, Graphic engineering and design at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

University of Ljubljana – Authors of infographics:


  1. Common color spaces 1. – Manduša Aleksić Peter, Ines Koražija, Žiga Zoran and Nela Zupan
  2. Common color spaces 2. – Taja Medvešček, Jan Mori, Kaja Rihar and Pika Ivana Schlegl
  3. Image and object profiles 1. – Rok Capuder, Nuša Javornik, Tamara Maneva and Marko Stražar
  4. Image and object profiles 2. – Maruša Požar, Tinkara Pucer, Valentina Šuligoj and Maja Žibert
  5. Transparency 1. – Kaja Drolc, Rok Lavrič, Maruša Novak and Saša Zabrič
  6. Transparency 2. – Matic Ahlin, Urška Bernot, Lea Dujmovič and Monika Pančur
  7. RIP processing – Tija Dolenc Šuštar, Ester Gerzić, Ena Hadžiahmetović and Mark Jovović
  8. Fonts in PDF 1. – Aja Bertoncelj Čadež, Tjaša Cvek, Tina Fornazarič and Nejla Kadirić
  9. Fonts in PDF 2. – Medina Jahić, Melani Spasovska and Filip Zdravkovikj
  10. Type of fonts in PDF 1. – Nina Gulič, Laura Vitežnik, Barbara Volek and Pika Štefančič
  11. Type of fonts in PDF 2. – Lea Kočevar, Lea Krišelj, Zoja Ristić and Nina Stražiščar
  12. Overprint preview 1. – Sandra Grlj, Julija Luc, Ana Primožič and Gabrijela Stanković
  13. Overprint preview 2. – Lenart Marovt, Denis Memčić, Manca Pintar and Nika Zidar
  14. CMYK conversion with ICC color profiles – Deni Bačar, Klara Bukovec, Aleksandra Podgoršek and Manca Zgonec
University of Banja Luka – Authors of infographics:


  1. Common color spaces 1. – Marijana Đaković
  2. Common color spaces 2. – Branka Mitevski
  3. Converting CMYK to CMYK using ICC profiles 1 – Miloš Perišić
  4. Converting CMYK to CMYK using ICC profiles 2 – Ivana Ignjić
  5. Font types in PDF 1 – Marija Bera
  6. Font types in PDF 1 – Dragan Kotur
  7. Overprint preview 1 – Zorica Milaković
  8. Overprint preview 1 – Jelena Nikolić
  9. RIP processing 1 – Nikolina Škrba
  10. RIP processing 1 – Zorana Orozović
  11. Transparency 1. – Bobana Radivojević
  12. Transparency 2. – Jelena Regodić
  13. Where do fonts live in PDF 1 – Tijana Novaković
  14. Where do fonts live in PDF 1 – Vanja Vračević