The School of Graphic Communications Management is Canada’s only degree-granting program for the printing industry. Their 4-year program offers exciting opportunities in all areas of digital imaging, print production, management and marketing, leading to a career in the rapidly growing print and graphic communications industry. Graphic communications is a dramatic force shaping our lives. Leading computer technology has moved ahead at an amazing rate, changing the way we receive and process information in all aspects of life. The printing industry has been at the forefront of this revolution. The GCM program at Ryerson recognizes the dynamic nature of technology and its relationship to the graphic communications industry. The program curriculum is constantly revised to reflect and lead this change. The technology courses include: electronic imaging, colour management, digital file preparation and transmission, digital workflow, printing processes and finishing methods, web page construction, and multimedia. The Graphic Communications Management program provides a comprehensive theoretical grounding in printing technologies and valuable business skills. Graduates of the program are highly skilled professionals who enter the business world fully prepared to adapt and respond to the multifaceted field of the printing industries.


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