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Interested in becoming a member? As a vendor, association, industry or educational member you can participate in all of the work of the GWG and have a vote in the decisions taken by the group. Depending on the type of member you want to become, you will have to pay a yearly membership fee. If you would like to become a member, please send a mail to our Executive Director, who will provide you with all the important information.

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Meet our members

Our Members

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Vendor Members

Vendor Members are software and/or hardware companies with an active interest in supporting the process specifications developed by the Workgroup.

Industry Members

Industry Members are companies active in the graphic arts industry as a printer, publisher, design agency, prepress house or as a consultant.

Association Members

Association Members are graphic arts industry associations representing printers, publishers, design agencies, prepress houses or similar companies.

Educational Members

Educational Members are educational institutions, active in the graphic arts industry.

Liaison Members

Liaison Members are international standards organizations working in a field similar to or complimentary to the Workgroup.

Our members tell you why they are a member of the Ghent Workgroup, it’s future ambition and what the Ghent Workgroup means for the Graphic Industry. To see all the testimonial video’s click here.