Ghent Workgroup Ad Ticket

The GWG Job Ticket subcommittee has established a standard method for including advertisement metadata with a PDF file. This work has been done in complete collaboration with AdsML and its Ad Ticket sub-group.

The Joint GWG/IDEAlliance Print Ad Ticket Specification represents the next major revision of the GWG Ad Ticket Version 1.3 and also serves as the basis for the IDEAlliance ADAM (Asset Delivery Advertising Metadata) Portal Interface Guide Version 1.0.


Ghent Workgroup Soft-Proofing Ticket

The GWG Soft-Proofing Ticket uses Adobe XMP specifications to attach information to a PDF file. It provides both an easy-to-understand description of the user as well as accurate details about the viewing conditions in which the document was approved. It contains a list of user names and logins, approval date, a description of the approval software and monitor set-up information including serial number, brightness level, white point values, color temperature and calibration status.