The GWG compliancy labels are awarded to vendor solutions that passed Ghent Workgroup compliancy tests. Achieving this certification is a real benefit for their customers, taking away a lot of the guess work and manual effort out of the system configuration. Customers can be assured that ‘out-of-the-box’ they are conforming to a known and proven standard.

GWG Compliancy certification is important and helps the industry to quickly adopt the newest PDF standards and ensures predictability in the entire digital production chain.

GWG Preflight Certification

The GWG preflight certification is a validation of the implementation of the PDF preflight specifications developed by the GWG. It contains 14 different ‘variants’ aimed at different print market segments and output methods, all based on the ISO PDF/X-4 standard, but with additional conditions and restrictions relevant to each segment. The aim of the certification is to achieve as much consistency between different preflight vendors tools as possible using an extensive suite of GWG PDF preflight compliancy test files.

Ghent PDF Output Suite Compliancy Label

The Ghent Workgroup offers a compliancy label program for vendor members who’s products are compliant with the current version of the Ghent PDF Output Suite. The Ghent Output Suite was created for people processing PDF files in the graphic arts industry, to help determine whether their workflows are behaving as expected.