Everything you need to know about Digital Print

In the past the sheetfed offset specifications where also frequently used for digital print jobs. While that works, the typical equipment and workflows in digital print are sufficiently different that the Ghent Workgroup wanted to develop separate specifications for them. Some additional restrictions were added, but many restrictions from the sheetfed offset specifications were relaxed as well.

What you should also know is that this section is specific to small-format digital print and does not cover the Sign & display market. The Ghent Workgroup developed specific sign & display specifications.

Application Settings

Settings for the most commonly used applications in professional publishing workflows, to automatically and properly create and check PDF files. Simply download and install in your favorite application.


Digital Print

This webinar is about the Digital Printing specifications. Learn all about what is in those new specifications and how they can benefit you.

User Guide

This PDF/X workflow document explains what the differences in your workflow need to be between GWG2015 and GWG2022 and how you can best take advantage of the new specification as a creator and receiver.

Digital Print Specification

The digital print specification caters to the growing small format digital print segment and provides standardized guidelines for PDF file creation and quality control.
Technical content! 

Not sure your output devices or their digital front ends are up-to-spec?


Receiving good PDF files is an important point, but your workflow and output devices need to be able to handle those files correctly as well.

Not sure they will? The Ghent Workgroup developed its Ghent Output Suite specifically to test for this.

Head over to the Output Suite and read more about it!

Looking for the technical information?

Digital Print Specification

If you’re a software or hardware developer, or feel comfortable reading more technical documentation, you can also read the full Digital Print specification document.

Keep in mind that this was written to help developers implement the specification in preflight, editing and workflow applications.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to us in case of questions!