The Office Document Printing subcommittee works on issues related to generating reliable print-worthy PDF documents from office (non-professional) layout applications.

Current Activities

  • V1 Specifications, the result of a long period of analysis and thorough testing to address practical issues such as:
    –    color handling
    –    font usage
    –    different PDF creation methods and tools
    –    the use of live transparency in Microsoft® Office applications
  • Creation of print ready PDF from Apple® Mac® OS Office applications.
  • MS® Office-generated XPS (XML Paper Specification) files and how to handle these for production printing.
  • The more general use of XPS as a print ready exchange format between creation and production of printed documents.
  • The future use of PDF/X-4 and PDF/A-2 in creation and production as a next step in exchange of print ready PDF.

If you are interested in its work or have subjects to discuss – please contact us.