The 1st year students of Graphics and Interactive Communication took part in the international project »GWG Infographics«, which takes place every year under the auspices of the international graphics association Ghent Workgroup (GWG), as part of the course Graphic Prepress under the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Raša Urbas.

Based on the chosen topic, which covers the field of graphic preparation and design with a focus on PDF/X, they have created interesting and attractive infographics. The purpose of infographics is to present sometimes difficult-to-understand content simply and clearly with a picture and few words. The students have shown a lot of creativity, ingenuity, innovation and willingness to work when creating infographics.

When designing the infographics, the students had to use the existing overall graphic image of the GWG association. They designed their work in Slovenian and English in a digital version for online publication and a version for print.
The students’ work is published in digital form on the KIGT website and the exhibition of the infographics is also on display on the 5th floor of OTGO.

The content presentations of the infographics created can be compared with the results of a related project carried out at the same time by the 1st year students of Graphic and Media Technology, whose aim was to present the same content in the form of modified, supplemented and holistically perfected “GWG video tutorials”.

Authors of infographics:

  1. Colour management – Rojc Urban, Tavčar Kunstič Živa and Vrunč Neža
  2. Media neutral image editing – Leskošek Mia Sara, Bartol Monika, Martinšek Klara and Opresnik Živa
  3. Process specific (classic) image editing – Frelih Meta, Košir Manca, Krajnčič Naja and Žičkar Iza
  4. PDF & PDF/X – Kokalj Sofija Olja, Mohorič Bonča Lan, Šardi Melvin and Sarjanović Anja
  5. PDF & PDF/X – Ilkovski Jovan, Kavčič Urša, Kostoska Jana and Ristoska Sara
  6. Media neutral image editing – Leskošek Mia Sara, Bartol Monika, Martinšek Klara and Opresnik Živa